Sydney team visits Legacy Australia

Neptune Pacific Line (NPL) agency in Sydney are seen here lending a hand to Legacy Australia which is a non-profit organisation established in 1923 by ex-servicemen.

Trade Notice: NZ to PNG BAF Update
3 Dec 2019
Trade Notice: Low Sulphur Fuel Surcharge Update
29 Nov 2019
Trade Notice: Capitaine Wallis 924N Calling Nuku'alofa
28 Nov 2019
Trade Notice: Capitaine Wallis v923N Calling Nuku'alofa
8 Nov 2019
Trade Notice: Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Surcharge - Update
4 Nov 2019
Trade Notice: Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Surcharge
17 Oct 2019
Southern Trader v1451 - Calling Nuku'alofa
11 Oct 2019
BAF Review Cook Islands
10 Oct 2019
Wonderful Caltech Announcement
27 Sep 2019
New News Article
26 Sep 2019
Capitaine Wallis 922N - calling Nukualofa
12 Sep 2019

Capitaine Wallis 922N - calling Nukualofa

PFL CargoWise Update
12 Jul 2019
Peak Season Surcharge - Asia to the Pacific Islands
1 Jul 2019
NZ to PNG - Peak Season Surcharge (PSS)
18 Jun 2019
PFL Change of Auckland Container Depot
3 Jun 2019
Notice : Australian Port Service Surcharge update
6 Jun 2019
Capitaine Wallis v919N Calling Nuku'alofa
12 Jun 2019
NZ to PNG BAF Review
2 May 2019
Southern Lily V449 - additional southbound call Nukualofa
18 Apr 2019

To assist with inter-island cargo between Samoa’s & Tonga, empty
container evacuation from all ports & promote a faster transit time for
Tongan exports, Southern Lily V449 will make a second call in Nuku’alofa
prior to returning to Auckland

Pacific Forum Line - Transitioning to Cargowise One
4 Apr 2019
Change of vessel - NZ to Samoa's & Tonga
28 Mar 2019
NZ to Fiji Service - Vessel Replacement
19 Mar 2019
Auckland to Apia Crate Rates for PFL Mates
15 Mar 2019
Southern Lily v447 additional call to Nuku'alofa
14 Mar 2019
Napier Port Access Charge Implementation - PNG
12 Mar 2019
Trade Notice: NZ Local Surcharge Review - PNG
Trade Notice - BAF Review PNG
7 Feb 2019
Trade Notice: Olomana & Liloa II
5 Feb 2019
Trade Notice: Kwangtung Delay and Omission
14 Jan 2019
Capitaine Dampier v126N Calling Nuku'alofa
3 Dec 2018
Capitaine Wallis v006N Calling Nuku'alofa
16 Nov 2018
Undeclared DG
14 Nov 2018
Trade Notice: AUSPAC CABAF Review
2 Nov 2018
NZ to PNG BAF review
1 Nov 2018
Trade Notice: BAF Review - NZ to Samoa's and Tonga
1 Nov 2018
Capitaine Dampier v121 omission - Southern Trader v1430 calling Nuku'alofa
21 Sep 2018
Kweiline v1816 - POM Omission
18 Sep 2018
20 Aug 2018
Peak Season Surcharge - PNG
3 Aug 2018
MV' Shansi v1813' port omissions
25 Jul 2018
16 Jul 2018
Capitaine Dampier v115 - Vessel Delay
13 Jul 2018
New BAF Notification for Australia to Fiji Trade Lane
19 Jun 2018
Trade Notice - PNG Ocean Freight Rate Restoration
19 Jun 2018
Capitaine Dampier v113 - Calling Nuku'alofa
13 Jun 2018
Implementation of Emergency Bunker Recovery
8 Jun 2018
NZ to PNG - Emergency Bunker Adjustment Factor
8 Jun 2018
Emergency Bunker Recovery - Samoas and Tonga
8 Jun 2018
Capitaine Dampier v111 - calling Nuku'alofa
15 May 2018
BAF Review - NZ to Samoa's and Tonga
10 May 2018
Capitaine Dampier v110 - Calling Nuku'alofa
1 May 2018
Notice to Shippers - Tropical Cyclone Keni in Fiji
9 Apr 2018
Southern Trader v1419 calling Nuku'alofa & Southern Lily v425 change of rotation
27 Mar 2018
Vessel Swap for ESEA and NAT services
20 Mar 2018
Capitaine Tasman 089N - Blank Sailing
8 Mar 2018
Trade Notice - Australia to Fiji GRI
2 Mar 2018
1 Mar 2018
Kiribati Chief Vessel Delays
5 Mar 2018
New Zealand to Papua New Guinea - Rate Restoration
1 Mar 2018
Re: Forum Pacific V173 – updated feedering arrangements for Australian imports.
28 Feb 2018
Papua New Guinea Trade BAF Review
27 Feb 2018
Trade Notice - CDAv104 NB Tropical Cyclone Gita
13 Feb 2018
Fiji Trade BAF Review
Micronesian Chief Name Change
19 Feb 2018
Mandatory Pre-advice at Multi Cargo Wharves in Auckland
16 Feb 2018
Delays to the Cook Islands Services
Weather delay to Forum Pacific v173 & Southern Lily v422
BAF NOTICE - AUST to Tonga and Samoa
12 Feb 2018
7 Feb 2018
1 Feb 2018
Verified Gross Mass Requirement
8 Jun 2016
AUSPAC Service Notice - Australia to Pacific Islands
SOUTHPAC Service: Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) Review
23 Jan 2018
Trade Note: Capitaine Cook Dry Docking
Trade Notice - Auspac Schedule Retonnage PV offhire
Pacific Venture V12 - Schedule Rectification
Capitaine Dampier V99 calling Nuku'alofa
Cook Island Service Imua II to dry dock
Capitaine Dampier v98 Calling Nuku'alofa Southern Lily v417 & v418 Change of Rotation
Pacific Venture Delays
PFL Notice - Australian Equipment Surcharge
1 Nov 2017
22 May 2017


Trade Notice: Capt Tasman vessel replacement
20 Oct 2017
BAF NZ-PNG Feb 2017
31 Jan 2017
Container Hire Charges Import and Export Policy

Container Hire Charges Import and Export policy

BAF Review March 2017 Samoa's & TongaNew News Article
13 Mar 2017

New Zealand to the Kingdom of Tonga and Samoa’s and Kingdom of Tonga and Samoa’s to New Zealand.

Capitaine Dampier V75 - Nuku'alofa Call
23 Dec 2016

Pacific Forum Line (PFL) wishes to advise the Capitaine Dampier V75 will make a call into Nuku'alofa after Fiji.

Capitaine Cook V56 - Schedule Rectification
21 Dec 2016

Further to the dreadful weather conditions in Fiji resulting in operational delays, Neptune Pacific Line / Pacific Forum Line have reviewed and adjusted the schedule for the Capitaine Cook v 56 resulting in the omission of Suva, Fiji.

Capitaine Tasman V160 - Pago Pago Port Omission
21 Dec 2016

Following dreadful weather experienced in Fiji and in order to rectify the Neptune Pacific Line (NPL) / Pacific Forum Line (PFL) long term schedule the Capitaine Tasman V160 direct port of Pago Pago will be omitted.

Trade Notice - Fiji Port Operation Update
16 Dec 2016

Trade Notice - Fiji Port Operation Update

Christmas & New Year Hours of Operation
13 Dec 2016

We wish to advise customers and service providers that our Auckland office and Container Freight Station at 82 Richard Pearse Drive, Auckland Airport will be operating as follows over the Christmas and New Year period.

Southern Lily V394 Overbooked

The Southern Lily V394, eta Auckland 04 December is currently over booked ..

NZ / Fiji & Tonga Schedule & Tonnage upgrade
14 Nov 2016
Southern Lily V393 Overbooked
9 Nov 2016

To ensure that all cargo is delivered to destination in November, Pacific Forum Line will be moving some Nukualofa transshipment freight that has already arrived in Auckland to the Southern Trader V1391...

Change in office - Fiji
3 Oct 2016

We wish to inform you that effective from 3rd October 2016, Pacific Forum Line will be relocating its Suva office to 91 Gordon St, 3rd Floor, Ra Marama House

AUSPAC and SOUTHPAC partners upgrade services
28 Sep 2016

The AUSPAC consortium, made up of Neptune Pacific Line, Pacific Direct Line, Pacific Forum Line and
Sofrana Unilines, is pleased to announce the upgrade of its Pacific islands service from Australia to fixed-

Southern Lily V389 & Southern Trader V1388 schedules
8 Sep 2016

Due to late increase bookings for Apia, Nuku’alofa & Pago Pago, and the Southern Trader V1388 will be assisting the Southern Lily V389 to deliver cargo to Nuku’alofa.

Verified Gross Mass Requirement
6 Jul 2016

You will be aware of the requirement for all containers to have a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for them to be received for shipment.

Southern Lilly V384 - Notice To Customers
30 Jun 2016

To ensure all current cargo booked from New Zealand to Samoa’s & Tonga is delivered to destination from next week & to allow us to ease the congestion issue of empty containers requiring evacuation from Nuku’alofa, the Southern Trader V1384 will assist the Southern Lily Voyage 384 move Nukualofa cargo.

Southern Lilly V382 - Notice to Customers
15 Jun 2016

Due to a high level of bookings on the Samoa’s & Tonga trade and recent delays to the Southern Lily V382 southbound voyage back to Auckland, it has been decided that the Liloa V49 loading in Auckland on the 20th of June for Suva, Tarawa and Christmas Island, will also call Nuku’alofa after Auckland to help uplift some of the overflow cargo for this port.

Verified Gross Mass Declaration
8 Jun 2016
Southern Lilly V381 - Notice To Shippers
10 May 2016

On the 13th of April we informed you that we were chartering in the Liloa to run a single voyage from Auckland to Nuku’alofa and back to assist with the additional cargo booked on the Southern Lily V379.

Liloa Issue - Notice To Customers
19 Apr 2016

On the 13th of April we informed you that we were chartering in the Liloa to run a single voyage from Auckland to Nuku’alofa and back to assist with the additional cargo booked on the Southern Lily V379.