PFL Cargo

PFL Cargo is Pacific Forum Line specialist freight forwarding division.

PFL Cargo assists customers with all sorts of cargo, whether it fits in a container or not. From concrete blocks and canned food to household items and heavy machinery, our multi-purpose ships are designed for Pacific freight. They have their own cranes, so we can safely load and unload your goods at any of our ports.

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PFL Cargo loves a challenge. Our operations team has decades of experience helping customers with the demands of supplying project work throughout the Pacific.

Sea freight Services

There are two main types of sea freight services provided – less than an container load (LCL) and full container loads (FCL)

Less than a Container Load (LCL)

Not everyone wants to ship a whole container load, so we have special teams of people to assist you with smaller amounts of freight. They can help with packing, timeframes and making a booking.


Your goods travel in a shipping container, along with other people's things that are going to the same port. So you still get the same care and protection as a full container load.


PFL Cargo can also provide specially designed wooden crates for the movement of personal and household effects. These crates can be delivered to your place for packing and when you have completed packing, collected for shipment to Pacific or Worldwide destinations.


Full Container Load (FCL)

Containers offer you the convenience of loading your own freight and the ability to track its progress on the journey. In addition, your goods will all arrive together, ready to be unpacked or quickly transferred onto truck or rail to your final destination.


We offer the use of a wide range of containers, each designed to meet different needs. These can be fully enclosed, temperature-controlled or simply a flat base for oversized goods. The choices are explained on the containers page.

The following suggestions will help you to minimize loss and damage to your cargo. If at any point you are unsure about the packing, cooling, or condition of your cargo or container, please contact your local Pacific Forum Line office before packing the container.

Too big for a container?

Things like boats, pipes and heavy machinery are often too big for a container. We call this break-bulk cargo. All our ships are designed to carry this sort of freight.


Contact our experienced customer services team for help with your break-bulk cargo.


Air Freight

Airfreight is perfect for urgent, time-critical freight. Our Airfreight team at PFL Cargo have years of experience sending airfreight all over the world. We deal with all major airlines and can quote airfreight to and from anywhere on the globe. PFL Cargo offers a comprehensive range of international air cargo solutions specializing in but not limited to the Pacific, as our Airfreight team can facilitate freight movements to any global location.

PFL Cargo is IATA and RACA accredited, which means our Airfreight team is well trained in handling your cargo, and our facilities meet the required standards for airfreight.

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Our Airfreight team can handle any global location but specialize in cargo moving from New Zealand to and from the Islands and Australia. PFL Cargo also has at least one weekly consolidation flight from Auckland to Apia, which is an extremely economical way to send airfreight.

From urgent deliveries back home to the family to commercial inventory replenishment, PFL Cargo gives you the flexibility to get your goods where they need to be, when they need to be there.